SuperMemo 2004 for Windows 10


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SuperMemo is a popular speed-learning application that has reached 5 million users worldwide. It helps you collect, read and process important knowledge in the process called incremental reading and remember it indefinitely with the help of so-called spaced repetition. SuperMemo 2004 is SuperMemo´s twelfth release since 1987. It has been released as freeware in April 2010. This download package includes both SuperMemo 98 and SuperMemo 2004. We recommend SuperMemo 98 for basic Q&A, and SuperMemo 2004 for incremental reading. Minimum requirements: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 MB memory 10 MB free disk space (more recommended for larger collections of learning material; for example, Advanced English without sounds requires 50 MB) SVGA with resolution 800x600 (higher resolutions recommended) Internet Explorer 6.0 with all recent security updates Additional requirements for special functions: to use e-mail in SuperMemo: MAPI-compliant e-mail software for Windows (e.g. MS Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) to use automatic e-mail import in incremental reading: MS Outlook 2000 or later to use sounds and video: sound board to use editable mind-maps: Mind Manager 3.0 (or higher)